This holiday season, our lobby boasts a special addition—an awe-inspiring gingerbread replica of the Wentworth Mansion®. Crafted by our dedicated pastry team, led by the talented Chef Ashley Cardona, this masterpiece is set to enchant our guests, adding a touch of holiday magic to their experience.

Measuring an impressive 18” x 24” and weighing just under 50 pounds, every inch of this display reflects the dedication and artistry infused into its creation. The gingerbread mansion captures not only the architectural splendor but also the festive warmth and spirit of the holidays. Each meticulously piped detail and hand-cut gingerbread brick pays homage to our hotel’s rich legacy, adding a touch of magic to the ambiance of our lobby.

Chef Ashley employed various techniques to craft this intricate design. The base structure is comprised of traditional gingerbread, hand-painted with brick red hues to mirror the mansion’s facade. Each ‘glass’ window was meticulously cut from gelatin leaves, and tailored to match precise dimensions. Notably, the cupola, a signature feature, was fashioned from pastillage, a decorative sugar paste traditionally used for intricate sugar sculptures. Details like stairs, landscaping, and roofing were sculpted from rice krispy treats and enveloped in fondant, lending texture and authenticity. Using a palette of edible food colors, Chef Ashley added depth and detail, especially to areas like the roof and brick courtyard. To achieve an authentic touch, she applied edible copper luster dust, imparting a genuine metallic appearance to the roof.

As a guest in our hotel, we invite you to immerse yourself in this captivating display. Delight in its beauty, capture cherished moments, and share the joy with your loved ones across your favorite social media platforms. Don’t forget to tag us at #WentworthGingerbreadMagic to be a part of the holiday cheer!


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