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Hero Rate

A hero in the line of duty, your uniform is a symbol of everything you stand for—dedication, courage, and valor. You serve our country abroad and on our home front, living up to those standards and going beyond without a moment’s hesitation. The strength of your devotion and commitment means that it’s not often you hear the words “break” or “vacation” when someone describes your job, but here at Wentworth Mansion, we know that a little time off is exactly what you deserve.

We understand the sacrifices our military, police, firefighters, and rescue workers make every day, whether you are putting your life in danger to keep others safe or traveling far from home just to do your job. Your efforts are more than appreciated, and since you’re still a hero when out of uniform, we’re offering you a special Hero Rate to help you enjoy that precious off-duty time you’ve earned. You dedicate your lives to your cause—now let us give you a chance to dedicate a little time to yourself. Please call the hotel directly to reserve your room.